Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 13, 2013-Today’s Focus, Business Leadership

Business Leadership

Today’s Focus, Business Leadership —Are you a leader just because you run a small business? No. You must work at it. The most fundamental role of a leader is influence. Leaders influence even when they think they are not. If you are running around frantic, screaming at “messengers” and belittling employees, micro managing or… macro ignoring everything that is going on; you are influencing.

In the same way a cool-headed, farseeing, visionary, inspirational business owner influences everything and everyone. You are influencing in both arenas… which would you choose?

Anyone can be a leader, the verdict is in, and leadership can be taught. But it takes more than just owning a business and saying “I’m a leader.”

Leaders in organizations work at their leadership the same way small business leaders do. Here are 5 things to work on and pay attention to.

    1. Proactive: at the core of good leadership you find a proactive approach rather than reactive. A leaders’ behavior is dictated by decisions not conditions.

                 2.Vision: a good leader sees the future. You can’t hit a target you cannot see.

                  3.Sharing: A leader shares and thus empowers and creates commitment in followers. There                         is no commitment without follower involvement.

                  4.Inspire: there are leaders and then there are those who lead. Leaders usually lead through                        their position. Those who lead do so through inspiration–authenticity, change, and                                      commitment.

                   5.Value: Leaders add value everyday and everywhere.

It is not easy learning to lead. It takes a conscious effort and commitment over the long haul. Anyone can do it and the rewards—both personal and professional outweigh the effort.

What I know for sure

If you become a leadership practitioner–working at the process, showing courage, that you care, you’re trying; others will notice and you will attract success.

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