Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 13, 2019 – Mother’s Day

honor mothersWhen we honor mothers we are exalting an ideal, a symbol of all that is good. Almost everyone thinks of their mother during pivotal times.

I attended an Eagle Scout ceremony the evening before Mother’s Day. It’s customary to highlight both parents’ role in this achievement by presenting them a miniature Eagle Scout Pin.

The Eagle Scout candidate also recognizes an extraordinary mentor that has helped and guided his efforts. This Eagle Scout thought to honor mothers by presenting his mother with the Eagle Scout Mentor Pin and in his comments said:

Honor Mothers Everywhere

My mother was my coach, my calendar, my cheerleader, my manager, my umpire and my timekeeper. She helped me avoid costly mistakes and complete all the requirements before my 18th birthday. I wouldn’t have made it without her.  

As I listened, I thought, that’s a good description of my mother. So, I quietly took a moment to honor and thank her.

How about you?

Have you honored and thanked those demonstrating the ideal of motherhood in your life?

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