Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 18, 2020 – One Question: What’s Really Going On?

What’s really going onAsk any scientist, therapist, counselor or coach; anger is fear displaced. But most people don’t know this. What’s really going on?

Most people are unaware what is happening to them when they are: cut-off in traffic, offended by a coworker’s slur, judged by family, friends or coworkers

People who are addicted to alcohol, or need promiscuity, etc…try to quit the behavior without looking at the actual cause. Who’s in the lead?

What is the underlying issue? What’s really going on?

The fact is we are wired for fear. Our brain has what is commonly referred to as “the baggage from evolution,” fight or flight and the impulse toward tribalism. What’s really going on?

The Light

If we remain open and flexible and consider that it’s not in our best interest to let our primitive mind be in the lead. Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

The more we know the better life we can create.

That’s why I wrote Life and Death Reasons to Know More About Your Brain.

These are the highlights

The headline said it all. Man Released After Serving Time for a Road Rage Incident, Killed in Another Road Rage Incident


That’s not only a tragedy; it’s completely preventable.


The fundamental consideration is, are you using your mind, or is it using you?


It is crucial to understand how the mind functions to avoid losing yourself (or your life) in life’s circumstances. In addition, to access your innate power and train the mind to keep you alive, safe, and rational in any situation. 

Chronic stress

We all know chronic stress causes high blood pressure and clogged arteries. But chronic stress also keeps your amygdala buzzing on high alert.

A hyper-aroused amygdala is a hair-trigger continually looking for a threat. It makes you overreact to everything. That would be a bonus if you encountered a saber-toothed tiger.

However, overreacting in a traffic jam, when challenged by co-workers or during a high-stakes meeting can lead to an unfortunate tragedy.

I saw overreaction show up as road rage when I was in law enforcement back in the day. Chronically overstimulated drivers were hijacked, out of control, and blind to danger. You couldn’t get their attention, let alone stop them. They stopped only when the perceived threat was gone.

When it was over, they would say, I don’t know what got into me. What’s really going on?

One judge I worked with said these drivers were hijacked when they woke up; they just didn’t realize it, referring to their continuously over-aroused amygdala.

If you are unaware, on autopilot and not paying attention, you don’t understand what is happening to you.


You just react to the stressors that are always present; your amygdala stays turned on, and stress accumulates without you consciously knowing it.

It’s insidious, but your amygdala ends up in the lead, using you. Your rational brain, the executive functions are overridden and offline.

When the territorial bouncer is in the lead, you make poor choices and use bad judgment. The intelligent and rational CEO is inaccessible.

Rather than keep you safe like it was designed to do through evolution, a modern-day, chronically over-stimulated amygdala puts you in harm’s way.

Give the article a read. There are concrete suggestions for moving forward and upward!

Mental muscles are just like other muscles. When we exercise them, they develop and grow.