Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 21, 2018 – Don’t Try to Change

Don't Try to ChangeI’ve been shouting from the rooftops since day 1. Don’t try to change. Instead invest and grow. As you read, study, observe and use my formula Application, Repetition and Reinforcement, you’ll begin to realize that trying to change is too much effort. Don’t try to change.

When I met the father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, he advised, don’t fight stress, build well-being!

When you grow you become self aware, you begin to gain insight, you begin to understand.

Here’s some of what you’ll understand?

  • If you fight something you give it the same amount of power you use to fight it and you end up being stuck with it forever. You don’t chase darkness out of the room, you turn a light on.
  • The unaware life is not worth living.
  • It’s futile to blame people. The antidote is to understand.
  • It’s not reality that matters. What really matters is what you say to yourself about reality.
  • Anything you do with negative feeling will be influenced with a subjective, limiting perspective. Without negativity you can be objective with several perspectives.

For an increased awareness tip think about driving a car. You are driving and talking to someone, paying attention to the exits, road signs, etc….But you are also aware you are driving a car. You are aware. If a door is rattling, you ask. Are you sure you closed that door? Your awareness is diffused.

To be more present, be aware where your attention is going. When anxiety or a negative feeling comes up, you’ll be aware of it and you can manage it before you act on it. This is the ultimate skilled life.

With understanding, awareness and insight, you will change automatically, without effort.

Notice the athlete. They don’t try to change.  They are not focused on changing.

He is focused on his sport and change comes of its own accord as a result of the effort alone.

You become the master of your destiny rather than the servant to your circumstance. 

Don't Try to Change