Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 23, 2016 – Today’s focus: Graduation

Winning Attitude

The Boston Globe reported on May 13th that a 54-year old school employee would graduate from Wooster Polytechnic Institute. A Winning Attitude possessed him.

Eight years earlier Michael Vaudreuil lost his job, his house and his cars. Desperate and at a dead end he accepted what he thought was a dead-end job.

The academic environment and the benefit of a free education inspired Michael to take the leap toward his first college degree. He thought, “I’ll jump and develop wings on the way down.”

At the college where my wife teaches the oldest graduate at the May 2016 commencement was 74years old. This student said, “I’m going to be 74 either way. I’d rather be a 74year old with a degree.”

You need a winning attitude and mindset. To graduate—move forward, progress, advance, complete, or proceed we must be in the right overall attitude and mindset….and we must stay there. Don’t let the common cynicism, disbelief, that’ll never work, scarcity mentality seep into your efforts and stop you.

Failed tests, bad grades, disappointments are part of the territory. These are minor “bumps” that are to be taken in stride knowing full well that you can and will make it. Graduation is the validation of what you already know.

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