Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 25, 2020 – Memorial Day

honor individualsOn this most solemn and hallowed holiday, the best way to honor individuals who made sacrifices and left a legacy of freedom is to pause, reflect and raise the bar to a life of honor and gratitude.

If there was ever a time to pause, reflect and honor individuals who serve, it’s now.

Our world situation demands it, but not everyone thinks so……. ….Police arrested a man in Decatur, Ill., on Friday after he shoved a gas station clerk who insisted he wear a mask while paying for fuel on the first day of the state’s newly imposed rules that require people to cover their faces inside businesses.

Many people feel like this is a time to push back in panic rather than pause. Fear is palpable.

We are much better at getting ramped up than we are at calming down.

I believe it is our obligation, our responsibility, and our legacy to make life a little better each day.

Right now, this seems harder than ever. Emotions are in the lead. And our immaturity in this area is showing.

Primal fear is out in front and measured, rational behavior is covered up, buried.

Pausing and reflecting will illuminate how life has a way of eroding our values and resolve, we give in to mass culture—there all doing it, mentality.

Pause long enough and you’ll say, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Then you’ll begin to cultivate and learn to rise above the drama.

The shift

The muscles you use will develop.

  • If you succumb to thoughts of fear, emotions will lead to in-kind action, division, insults, animosity and violence we see on the news.
  • On the other hand, if you notice your mind activity and observe the thoughts of fear, you can interrupt the reaction and choose a better response.
  • Fear is useless. What is needed is intelligent action
  • We must always be hopeful
  • Build on, enhance and improve the excellence that America was founded on
  • Lead with values, what is right rather than who is right

The one most closely linked to Memorial Day said it best. A house divided against itself cannot stand.