Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 10, 2013

 Continual Learning

Let’s continue on last week’s theme of strength—feed your strengths through life-long learning, Continual Learning.

We All Learn Differently

We not only learn differently as we mature but our interests shift too. Adults and business owner learning requires a new model… It’s less about new information and more about knowing, connecting with people and Mastery.

Value lies with people that can help frame ideas and information and offer new understanding and new perspective. This is not traditional learning!

As adult learners we need to go beyond receiving information and become knowledge creators. In other words as you read an article or book, listen to a keynote or attend a workshop—what does the content mean to you? Ask colleagues, spouse, friends or your coach. “Kick the tires” on what the ideas mean to you along with others.

As I apply this process I am continuously reminded (and surprised) how much I don’t know and that I in fact have only scratched the surface of learning.

I wish the same rewarding empiricism for you!

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