Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 16, 2014-Today’s focus: Playing to win

Play to Win

Are you playing to win or trying not to lose? If you play to win that means you are taking risks, investing in yourself, learning, growing and in general, accelerating your life and your development.

Going Back

On a recent visit to my hometown, I visited with several folks I went to high school with. Most of them were doing the same thing they were doing 20 years ago. The issues, struggles and “life questions” were the same as the last time we came together. Nothing changed for them because they hadn’t focused on changing anything.

Here are three irrational roadblocks along with a balanced, rational response that came up in conversation.

  • Technology replaced me at work.
    Technology may replace the work you do but technology can never replace YOU.
  • I can’t afford to do anything else.
    Your mind set from years past may not be the best fit for today’s effort. A job, career or business cannot pull your mind set up and out. The opposite usually is true—your mind set drags you down and stalls you out…OR lifts you up. Make certain that your mind set is always one step ahead of your effort. You can’t out-perform your mindset.
  • The economy tanked and now I’m frozen in place.
    The economy is the economy, nothing more. If you don’t see enough external growth in your situation it may be time to create some internal growth—which is directly related to potential and momentum.

The same efforts bring the same results no matter how many years you do them. Different results come from doing different things. Either way, you create tomorrow out of what you believe and do today.

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