Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 17, 2019 – Father’s Day

When we honor fathers and Father’s Day, we are exalting an ideal, a symbol of all that is good. Almost everyone associates fatherhood with leadership.

My father died suddenly when I was fifteen. But I have several father figures to honor and thank They unselfishly help me, guide me, mentor, support, and listen to me.

My leadership model for creating a family was a little vague, but because those men showed up, I had enough of a spark to make a go of it.

It was father figures, the ideal of fatherhood that I used as a model. I didn’t know if what I did was right or if it would work. I merely showed up, listened, and tried. It wasn’t until later that I became purposely value-driven.

I have to say it’s working. Our daughter has Autism, but she graduated High School and is working at a local hospital.

I guided my son toward becoming an Eagle Scout, and he successfully finished his first year of college. Just yesterday, he posted the picture below. After many hours, he and his car were ready for seat time at the track.

Father's Day

In this case, desire is enough. I don’t need to know how. I listen, and my children tell me what I need to do to be a good father. The desire to make a difference as a father keeps me open-minded and continuously listening. I never forget listening is a verb because you only get one chance to make a difference with your children.

I appreciate the cake and the cards, but Father’s Day is also a reminder for me not to take anything for granted or rest on my laurels.

What about you? Do you have fathers or father figures to honor and thank?


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