Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 2, 2014-Today’s focus: One

Do One Thing

You read that right, one. I’m suggesting you do one thing right now to begin creating an improved tomorrow through action today.

The story of “no-action” is so common it has become trite. A tattered tale of, “I’m too busy now but soon everything will slow down and I’ll have time to exercise, to take time for myself, read that book, to attend that workshop, soon I’ll be free to begin working on creating my own business or a second career.”


The trouble with this story is it has become a well-accepted knee-jerk repetition. There all doing it!  We can all relate. Everyone is “too busy.” Forget this over used excuse and know this! We all get 24 hours in a day, that’s indisputable. There are people out there right now starting businesses, writing books, and beginning fitness regimens. They are letting go of what is to grasp what will be.

We would literally change the world if we all did what we are actually capable of doing. Begin now and change YOUR world by doing it! It Starts With YOU.

Don’t wait! The time will never be just right. Begin from where you are. Work with what you have right now and watch how better ideas, better tools and new avenues come to you as you move along.

Begin with one. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list. Begin with one thing and watch…. Energy follows intent!

What One Thing? Change your thinking and the rest of you will follow.