Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 29, 2015 – Today’s focus: Discipline

Self ControlSelf Control

Self Control appears elusive and tricky. It’s easy to move through life overlooking what we should be doing now only to be surprised by how we pay later.

The fact is your future is shaped by how you discipline yourself to “invest” now.  If you invest in retirement you’ll have a better retirement. This message is universal and applies to everything.

The Seed of Self Control Sews Reward

  • If you invest in regular exercise, you’ll avoid disease and illness (and the need for medications) that comes from a sedentary lifestyle
  • If you invest and improve personally, your professional, leadership and business life will improve
  • When you invest in yourself, overall you’ll be happier, more engaged, more grateful and more energetic.

It’s really straightforward and Nature informs us once again. If a farmer doesn’t prepare ahead of time by tilling, fertilizing and planting…..cultivating,  there won’t be a crop to harvest.

You always, always reap what you sow! Are you sowing the return that comes from noble discipline or are you sowing the pain of regret? 

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