Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 3, 2013-Today’s Focus, Your Strengths

Your StrengthsYour Strengths

The research is clear. We grow and prosper by emphasizing our strengths.

Think about this: Recently when Apple tried to create their own maps for the iPhone (rather than use Google Maps). It was a mess. The media had a field day. Microsoft acquired Nook and Skype but the new Windows operating system is getting weak reviews. They are both distracted away from their core strong areas.

It is easy to get pulled off track, distracted away from what we do best. Organizations do it all the time. They diversify into financial services, reintegrate, and restructure. The distinction to make here is between activity and progress. Never assume progress is happening or will happen just because you see activity.

Three takeaways:

  • Focus on your strengths (personal and business) to the relentless exclusion of everything else.
  • The hardest of hard work is being disciplined, just do it!
  • Strengths will grow or wither depending on which area is fed.

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