Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 30, 2014-Today’s focus: Success

Success RateSuccess Rate

I recently read that the percentage of first-time, bachelor’s degree seeking students at 4-year institutions is at a success rate of of 59%.

This is good progress but why not 100%?

College is a package that includes a sequence of easy to follow stepping-stones, built-in trajectory and maybe even a little handholding. No risk here!

Not So Neat and Clean

Life on the other hand is not so ordered. You could say the stepping-stones to success in life are randomly strewn about. It is precisely this uncertainty and elevated risk that holds people back.

So what will help you?

  • Create a plan with bridges, end-runs and route-finding?
  • Lay your stepping stones?
  • Just go for it, dam the torpedoes?
  • Or stay put, wait and wish?

This is your Monday morning reminder that you have options. Now go plan, arrange, act and celebrate! More Resources? click here..        Want help?….click here.