Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 4, 2018 – Be an Influencer

At a recent group-coaching workshop I mentioned the potential to be an influencer. This got the attention of several participants and they asked their questions one-on-one after everybody else left for lunch. How can I be an influencer if:

  • I have to deal with a dictator boss?
  • There is poor leadership in my branch?
  • I think I work with a sociopath?
  • I’m trying to get a promotion in a chaotic office?
  • The good people do all the work while others coast?

My Comments

Have you noticed that everybody has a story about work? Work itself is not dysfunctional. It is dysfunctional because of people. Reality happens. It doesn’t matter much. What really matters is how you interpret, what you say to yourself about reality.

For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so–Shakespeare

  • Know that if you fight something you give it the same amount of power you use to fight it.
  • You don’t chase darkness out of the room with a broom, you turn a light on.
  • Anger, fighting, blaming and resentment just create more pain, suffering and ill feelings. If you confront the dictator, what do you think will ensue?
  • The average person typically reacts to life. Life pushes their buttons and they are at the mercy of circumstances. The situation controls them not the other way around.

The Antidote to Becoming an Influencer

The average person would like to have some quick technique or top 10 list or even worse, a few hacks that will bring some relief. The trouble is that relief is temporary. The next workplace is likely to be the same or worse than the situation you’re in now. Your discomfort turns into a nightmare!

The quick fix, temporary relief hacks won’t help when you go from Napoleon toAttila the Manager. If you’ve ever gone from the pot to the fire, you’ll appreciate the investment you made to become fireproof.

Decide once and for all to end the pain and suffering. Invest in your most valuable asset, YOU. The antidote is insight, awareness and understanding.

Don’t wish things were easier. Become stronger lead your life. Real freedom is being free from reacting to the tides of life (this includes people of course).

Invest in gaining insight into the human condition/behavior.

Become aware of your thought patterns—how we interpret, judge and label everything.

Develop understanding. Cruelty (dictators) is weakness manifested. It takes real strength to be kind.

With this approach you begin to become the master of your destiny rather than the servant to your circumstances. You will become the change we all want to see and from this new place you cannot help but be an  influencer that the world needs.