Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: June 9, 2014-Today’s focus: Education

Real EducationReal Education

This is the season of graduation commencement speeches that spill over with wisdom, advice and wistful send offs. We recognize and celebrate accomplishment while we prepare for a new beginning…the Real Education that life offers.

Formal Education is a Start

We can take pride, yes, but we mustn’t cling to it. Pride in one’s past is taking credit for your graduation milestone. The domain of education however is the future–what you do with the Sheepskin is what really matters. Looking toward the future we must take responsibility for building, enhancing and improving–raising the standard.

A formal education will help you to become more open minded to the world and all its differences. Thus, you grasp that it doesn’t matter what one wears or looks like…we are more connected and alike than disconnected and different.

The Real Education is Life

The real learning is life’s education. It is about developing an awareness for what is real, essential and yet hidden in plain sight—hard to talk about and yet influencing us incessantly.

Education is the journey of a lifetime and it commences right now!

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