Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 10, 2017 – Targets


I’ve always said it’s easier to hit targets you can see. In actuality saying it’s easier is an understatement. In reality if you don’t have some sort of target—goal, metric or measuring stick, how will you know when you arrive? To make the change you desire, to live the life you want, what will you drive towards if you don’t have a target?

Always Find Your Way

With a specific target if you lose your place, get drawn off course by some distraction or have to take a hiatus your target will be waiting for you when you get back. Just imagine if you didn’t invest the time to define your target? Where would you be after putting out some distracting fire?  How would you find your way back?

Here is an example how I cover targets in my Increase Your Impact workshops.

We are all pretty much over scheduled and overworked. It takes intentional thought to ensure you will lead at your best and thus deliver your best. To do this well, create targets.

Begin coaching yourself by asking broad questions that get more specific as you go.

How do I want my life to look? This is the broad “umbrella question.”

What do I want to project to my team, in life?

My contribution is experienced by my team.. I’ll make this my best effort.

How can I show up best today to help create small wins within the day’s efforts?

I want to influence this meeting. What energy will allow me to model what is needed right now?

Use imagery to paint a picture and experience how you want to be. Then show up fully present knowing what you want to project and make your desired target happen.

It is deceptively simple. Set up your target, align your daily efforts to hit the target, use imagery, have faith, trust the process and bullseye!