Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 13, 2015 – Today’s focus: Self-Improvement

Self ImprovementSelf Improvement

Research now confirms that those who take action do actually improve the self. Self-Improvement does in fact work! The diet and exercise books, the gym memberships, the leadership books all point to a need—a society hungry for self improvement.

As you begin, here’s a simple formula to help you create the improvement you want to see.
Go through “Stop signs”+ Persist + Believe in yourself.

Stop signs appear when:
*Results come slowly.
*The effort is out of the norm, too uncomfortable, it’s hard.
*We think, “things aren’t so bad, maybe I don’t need to improve.”

Any improvement is difficult at first but give it time and you’re soon enjoying results that create momentum. Similar to all things, persistence leads to improvement that keeps rolling until you become smoother, more confident. Stay with t and eventually you’re cruising along.

Each one of us possesses the power to improve our lives. Too often we deny this power and believe the world acts on us rather than believing we create our own world through belief and action.

Seeing self improvement may be believing but without first believing we may never see it.

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