Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 15, 2013

Best Time To Change

Clients, colleagues, friends and family have committed to the best time to change. They have scratched a line in the sand, drew a line in the carpet and the linoleum. All declared that change transpired when they crossed the line. They even shouted it out in some cases. Ultimately nothing changed for them. The reality is they only dreamed of change.

But they found reasons not to change: Everything is really busy now, I have this big project, feeling overwhelmed and I can’t add anything right now. It will be end. Soon I will be finished and then, I’ll change. After the Holiday it will happen for me. Everything will be cleaned up and I’ll be free to take the time and focus on my change effort that is so needed.

What Never Comes

I have learned that “cleaned up, calmness, less busy” never happens, it never comes. Tomorrow, two weeks, next month are typically not more tranquil or less crazy than today. Look at the pattern here.

The fact is, the best time to start; to initiate, to begin is right now! If you want to change anything do it now. Begin! Start with something you are prepared to do, something small that will make your new beginning great.

“Everyone wants to see change, but few want to make a change.”  Learn More here….