Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 15, 2019 – A Quality Effort

Quality EffortWhat the future holds for you depends on the quality effort you bring to the situation now. When your doing becomes infused with a quality effort, you are successful right then. Dedication to quality implies meaningfulness and purpose. It also indicates that the means is important so the ends will reflect that too. Quality suggests a higher intelligent action. People who operate with quality have influence far beyond their function. They attract success.

On the other hand, low quality shows that there is no faith, no courage and no sacrifice involved. You’ve seen these people. They want to get out fast. And when things don’t go as expected, when obstacles arise, instead of using intelligence to respond they react with struggle, stress tension and anxiety. There are many people who sabotage their work. They are their own worst enemy.

When you give low quality, you get low quality—in the form of people and circumstances. You’ve cut yourself off from prosperity because a quick-fix, a patch job is not an investment. It won’t hold up into the future. Low quality sends a message of blind impulse, short-term gain, a focus on profit or power, selfishness. There is not only a shallowness here but also a sense of poverty.

A quality effort sends a message of depth. You are interested in the value of the relationship. The long-term, it’s an investment. No matter how good the quality gets, it can get better and better, more and more deeply into infinity.

A client shared that he paid top-dollar for a renowned coach. He came to me disappointed and wary because the well-known coach always made him feel like the coach just wanted to get off the phone and back into his pool.

Ask yourself, am I bringing forth a quality effort? Is there a feel of expedience or excellence in my effort?

Could you do better?

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