Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 16, 2018 – Progress

If you pay attention to mass culture and societal norms exclusively you will get the picture that the world has not progressed, it is rather a tale of woe, a quagmire of dejection and decline.

I read somewhere that if newspapers came out only every fifty years, they would not report celebrity divorces, political scandals or who has a “baby bump.”

They would report on global changes such as the increase in life expectancy, the ban of smoking in public places and the advanced infrastructure system we enjoy.

There are countless other progressions we all enjoy and by now take for granted.

I remember when I was younger bullying was part of growing up—something you had to get through. You just accepted it and got past it. Now it gets national attention as a problem, a damaging offense that is now also being squashed in the workplace. That’s progress in the well being of humanity department!

Why is that? It’s because while suffering from the offense, at the same time we worked to create healing—a better world through insight, awareness, understanding and expanded knowledge.We became a wounded healer!

If you go way back to the 1600s, fear and subsequent suffering was rabid. Man believed that witches could summon storms and sink ships, that mice and rabbits spontaneously generated and yes, there were unicorns.

Sound silly?  Historian David Wootten describes the educated Englishman during Shakespeare’s time here.

So it is blatantly obvious that we have progressed even if the gatekeepers of mass media slant toward the negative and point to decline.

As smart, enlightened sentient beings, we must recognize that the news is not in business to heal anyone. Recognize that the consequences of negative news are themselves negative. It doesn’t make you more informed as much as create an imbalance toward the negative.

So I encourage you—in your own way, to put energy toward the healing affects of progressing humanity.

Identify and connect with the Essential Self, your changeless core. That internal strength that helps you come to realize that there is no strength outside of you.

Have you ever heard someone say, I’m 52 years old but I feel as though I’m 25? That’s it! That is your changeless core, your Essential Self, essence, your deepest Self. We can all feel this energy at our core. You at essence are a life force beyond anything you can imagine—untouched by events, drama or conditioning. You may feel uncertain, anxious or offended emotionally, but at essence you remain pure, unscathed.

Now use this energy to interact with and heal the world. Develop an intimate relationship to that energy deep within you and watch your life become a healing force and never be dull again. Watch your purpose flow into everything you do. You will never be insecure; uncertainty and conflict will be on the outside only.

Internally you will be calm, confident and still, always knowing how to heal the situation. You become the consummate leader.

Progress without the progression of humanity is not progress.