Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 17, 2017 – The pay off

The Pay Off

A newsletter subscriber (Sam—not his real name) emailed me about the pay off after the past two Morning Memos got him wondering.  As a refresher: the July 3 newsletter was about time and how the year is ½ over and July 10 newsletter was about targets. You have to have something to aim for or how will you know when you arrive?

Sam said in his email, I’m not seeing the payoff from my work. I’ve been working feverishly at my own business and I’m just not seeing it or feeling it. Everybody else seems to be doing better than me. I work hard but haven’t seen the growth.

My reply:

Dear Sam: Perhaps you are expecting too much, looking too hard for growth or looking in the wrong places or missing your movement altogether.

A common mistake is to think you have done nothing because you have not become independently wealthy…..yet.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I learned how to become a better entrepreneur?
  • Am I more efficient with my time?
  • Have I nailed down a precise purpose?
  • Have I become better at handling negative self-talk?

Always remember when you are in business for yourself the effort is not work it’s an investment.

You win by moving closer to your target each day and you win by not being where you used to be.