Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 20, 2015 – Today’s focus: Two Worlds

Internal World

There are two worlds. There is the internal world specific to you, your influences, your experiences and individual perspectives. Then there is the external world or outer world that we all view and experience based on our individual experiences and filters and thinking.

How you think makes you who you are. Who you are, influences what you do. Our internal world dictates how we show up and succeed (or struggle) in the outer world.

Success Begins With Self

To make sense of the outer world you must have knowledge, most importantly knowledge of Self, the kind of knowledge that helps you optimize your internal world. Success begins with Self.

The Greek aphorism, “Know Yourself” written on the temple of Apollo perhaps needs to be written even larger. You must enhance your inner world by knowing yourself well enough to bring out the optimal success specific to you. Know yourself, that you may perfect your internal experience (mind, body and spirit) and harness it to the outside world in splendid success.

The deeper you know yourself, the more comfortable, confident and self assured you will be exploring and creating opportunities out of what exists for you in the outer world.

As psychologist Carl Rogers said, when an individual becomes more deeply and fully himself, greater satisfaction and happiness results.

Some entrepreneurs and professionals already know this and they’re doing it!

How about YOU?