Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 21, 2014

Natural Strength

Last week I was off the grid in an area inaccessible by car. Since I prefer to write “live” I took the week off. This week’s focus is about the Natural Strength I experienced in the wild.

As we kayaked through the salt marshes, backwaters and tidal creeks of remote North Carolina we experienced the drive and engineered success of Nature. We saw an alligator larger than our 8-foot kayak slide into the water as we approached. We watched his effortless presence of domination in the tidal creek I reflected on the alligators’ (crocodilian) survival of the dinosaur extinction.

We don’t really know conclusively why crocodilians survived but the theories are all around their adaptability and strength.

The Reflection for Us

Strength in the wild is instinctive. Nature doesn’t need instruction but rather gives instruction. Observe and trust your instincts.

Too often we mistake strength for something we’re good at. It takes more than just being good at something. Look for things that energize you from the core. Things that you jump with excitement to do, things that make you feel indomitable, that’s a pointer to your strength. Remember, just like the alligator, strength is developed.

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