Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 22, 2013

Think Different

If you want to change, do different things or do things differently, you must think different. Don’t follow the crowds. You can be with the crowd without being one of the crowd. Make your own rules, concepts and ideas and create flow from where you are, where ever that is, it’s OK…Go!

Move away from the herd, from societal norms, from mass culture, refuse to conform. Think Different and be different. Change your thinking and the rest of you will follow.

Lead YOU

Take this short test:  You have an idea which you think is pretty good. You take it to your boss, hey boss, I have this great idea and with just a little support, we could……” Your boss chimes in…. “It’s not a good idea. Period.” who are you going to believe?

Who are you going to believe? This is the time to think different. Not to “get” your boss but to create the life that YOU want. Your boss is your boss; he/she will always be that way. He/she can’t see what you see. They can’t see your dream, feel your passion, your energy.

How are you thinking to insure YOU will not always be “that way?”

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