Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 28, 2014

Personal Development

One thing I know for sure is we need Personal Development. We do not come to be full of confidence, tactful, diplomatic and supremely communicative from birth. Personal Development is a key difference maker.

Here are three foundational areas of Personal Development that will increase your impact no matter how you choose to contribute.

  • Belief: Self belief directly drives outcomes. Force yourself to replace negative self-talk with uplifting, positive language that naturally releases dopamine hormone that is linked to confidence and certainty.
  • Mindset: is related to attitude. Like a car radio on “scan” we pick up signals from colleagues, friends, relatives. Unlike the car radio however, we can choose the station we want to pay attention to. Ever hear the cliché, attitudes are catchy, would you want someone to catch yours?
  • Conscience: the saying, “be true to your conscience” is rooted in awareness that conscience must be nurtured. In the arena of striving toward success, excellence and prosperity we must practice and reflect so as not stray from the higher contribution of doing what is right. Also, your DNA hears and internalizes everything you say, encounter, digest.

Go beyond the conventional and become Personally Masterful..

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