Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: July 7, 2014


Today’s focus: Lessons: The values and motivation that underlie the founding of America still offer learning and inspiration in today’s world.

As you move through the world creating resonance and leading change, reflect on our founding fathers’ motivation to act. Use their experience to help you hone in on what’s really important—then and now. You’ll see the evergreen needs have not changed

Shared Excellence

  • Benjamin Franklin can be summed up as the Statesman who worked to be the best for the world not in the world.
  • George Washington never sought to be President. His drive and effort were focused on becoming a gentleman farmer.
  • John Quincy Adams inspired everyone to not wait for someone to approve of you or give you a position, lead now!

Can’t you just visualize a shared excellence as the target of these great men? Their drive for a higher standard attracted the byproduct of recognition. They earned overwhelming support as supreme leaders because their operational values were about the collective glory of Country.

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