Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 1, 2016 – Today’s focus: Personal Mastery

Individual Mastery

I have been reflecting a new focus on individual mastery for my clients and my work for several months.  As you can see by the heading I have now gone beyond reflecting.

A common theme came up while I watched, studied and analyzed all the debates and both conventions that reflects life. It was the catalyst for me to shift.

You can’t pick your crisis. You can’t select the problems you’ll face daily or life-long.  I have recently witnessed similar (fundamental) shifts that emphasize Mastery over training, good enough or getting by.

Individual Mastery Examples

  • One Branch Chief asked me to collaborate and create a program that will “make our managers ready and put our managers on a permanent path toward growth.”
  • The diet industry has moved from a restriction and deprivation emphasis to a wellness and nutrition focus. Lean Cuisine has rebranded itself to be more about well-being than dieting.
  • A CEO wanted deeper involvement in his team’s growth. He said “sending them off to training and looking the other way was like delegating their development and I didn’t see the ROI.”

This emphasizes a shift to building fundamental strengths  core strength, personal strength and character– not to face one thing but anything that my come up.

So looking to the future I’ll be exploring:

  • What Personal Mastery is?
  • How it makes the difference.
  • Continually growing and expanding our ability to create the results we desire.
  • Examining the benefits of continuous development.
  • Pursuing mastery and economic success.
  • Personal Mastery and happiness.

And more……Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Training comes and training goes but personal mastery is forever—Brian Braudis