Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 19, 2013

Absolute IntentionAbsolute Intention

You are unequivocally in charge of your choices. Use Absolute Intention to move and develop based on what you value and what lights you up.

It’s a different world now. We can choose to create what we want not settle for what we can get. This is what coaching is all about.

Use your Intention to choose and connect with what is around you right now; connections to happiness, improvement and fulfillment. Use any fears as energy to work for you!

Here are three ways to put intentional choice to work for you.

  • Harness your deliberate choices to your aspirations, take action and watch your confidence soar.
  • When you make decisive choices you impact others by increasing their confidence.
  • If you choose and make the most out of the present, your future will find you, no effort required.

Our lives are a reflection of our choices. Is your life what you intended?

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