Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 22, 2016 – Today’s focus: Quality


It’s the law; quality begets quality, as Tony Bennett said, people respond to excellence.

The law I’m referring to is attraction. People are drawn to enduring quality and excellence. When I worked for The Xerox Corporation, I observed this in action. GE bought us out. Everyone was furloughed the day before Thanksgiving. GE took the clients & customers and several hundred “employees” were discarded.

Xerox was irate at how the buyout was handled and apparently there were negotiations afterwards.  We were given severance packages after we were already gone.  Post furlough, Xerox asked us if we wanted to go to work for GE.  GE didn’t ask.

I thought the whole thing smelled bad so I chose to be unemployed rather than work for GE. Only two colleagues went to work for GE.  Several hundred people applied to Xerox in hopes to get hired in another branch.

We later learned that GE had video cameras at employee cubicles that were monitored by supervisors.  Their rational was they wanted engaged employees. In other words they wanted quality.

They weren’t in the business of offering excellence and quality; they just wanted to receive it.  Also soon after buying us out GE eliminated  ~100,000 jobs, strange for a company that was supposed to be growing?

Excellence in Action

What we experienced from Xerox was connection, compassion, caring and appreciation. People were so engaged they would have laid down on fire for Xerox.

GE condescendingly towered over people…employees were often reminded they were merely minions. People didn’t just want to leave GE; they wanted to get those bas*.!^s.

Both Xerox and GE showed us that quality is the law. Xerox attracts and GE’s version of quality repelled.

Opportunity for quality is everywhere. It’s not that difficult.

Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless.