Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 24, 2020 – Learning Beyond Training, Skill and Competency: How We Create Human Progress

Learning Beyond TrainingLearning Beyond Training, Skill and Competency: How We Create Human Progress

Everybody has practical and technical skills. They have some education, and they are functional.

Most people meet the threshold.

Training of the masses is prevalent but workplace behavior continues to regress.

Learning Beyond Training

That’s because working with people is one of the most difficult things in life and entails more than training, skills and competency.

But the public, society, mass culture can’t see their area of lack.

Consider when Joe Biden picked Kamal Harris to be his Vice President.

The first thing, he had to defend was not competency, skill, experience, it was how could he not hold a grudge.

People can’t believe, they think it is not humanly possible that some people might operate from a higher level of thinking.

Similarly, in the movie, Won’t You be My Neighbor, interviewer Tom Snyder asked Mr. Rogers, “Are you straight?”

Snyder was confounded by Mr. Rogers’s enduring kindness, compassion and empathy.

When one’s prevailing approach to life goes against mass culture, the crowd right away judges and labels you as different, off in some way.

They say, no one could be that good, that kind it’s not humanly possible.

There are people who have heeded the call to be more than human. They have taken their…..Learning Beyond Training

In the pursuit to learn beyond training some have paid the ultimate price

Gandhi and Martin Luther King were committed to peace and nonviolence.

They refused to fight but both were violently assassinated.

The thing to know here is people give an assessment from their interpretation not from reality.

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. —Anïas Nin

Society is adept at training you for career, status and achievement but is silent on human development—improving humanity.

I encourage you to witness the need for learning beyond training for yourself. Shift from being involved as an actor and become an observer.

Clearly, we need to make an effort to instill learning beyond training, skill development and competency.

People need to be understood rather than judged and for that we need to be open to listen. To hear what is new and uncommon is uncomfortable. We usually bristle and act out what we feel.

We all need space that is free of snarling judgments, labels and accusations.

Everybody needs support and advocacy to perform at our best and become the best version of ourselves.

Life is the ultimate creative act and we should all be creating not detracting.

Beyond skill development I encourage you to use every encounter to create, develop, and continually raise the bar.

  • When rejected or challenged, create indifference
  • If judged and labeled create compassion
  • When looked down upon with accusing eyes develop the eyes of an advocate

Not agitating the world or by it agitated, they stand above the sway of elation, competition and fear.
— The Bhagavad Gita