Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 26, 2013

Health Happiness ProsperityCreate Well Being

It is much easier to Create Well Being-a state of Health Happiness Prosperity than it is to repair damage. When my aging uncle was being discharged from the hospital the doctors said, “The goal should be to avoid the hospital at all cost.”

Apply a daily focus of diet, exercise and well being to build strength and resistance. It’s always harder (and takes more effort) to come back, to climb out, to rebuild. Avoid the hospital at all costs.”

This is sage advice that is applicable to all of life.

Health Happiness Prosperity

To build is proactive. To repair is reactive. If we function proactively we know our decisions, choices and actions affect our future. We accept that the power to create destiny rests with us.

As you embrace this knowing consider:

  • It’s easier to build than it is to repair, rebuild, fix or restore.
  • It’s easier to earn, save and build financial security than it is to repair the broken bank.
  • The time to holistically invest in Self and build added value and personal greatness is now.
  • You don’t Build Well Being in a day; it’s built each day.

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