Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 3, 2020 – What if Morgan Freeman Was Your Coach?

 if Morgan Freeman Was Your CoachWould it make you act more deliberately, more decisively if someone rich and famous….if Morgan Freeman Was Your Coach?

Maybe, but remember, the tenets don’t change based on the coach.

Development, self-realization, getting out of the wilderness and on a path of bliss—the stages of a human development are the same today as they were in ancient times.


A coach will give you a GPS reading. Like a lighthouse, they will show you where the rocks are, where the sand bars and other dangers are. But you have to do the driving.


If Morgan Freeman was your coach, would you follow what he pointed to?

Freeman has done recent interviews and as he looks back on his life, he gives tips and advice that are worth writing down and following.

Seeing is believing but if you don’t first believe, you may never see.

Have courage
Everybody wants to be courageous. It’s a top attribute of good character. Courage is the meaning of life itself.

What are you burning to do?
I don’t just want to do it. I’ll die if I don’t.

Set your mind to it and go.
Create your own path. Do what’s unique to you.

Have a sense of humor
Life will pull you down. Never lose your sense of humor.

We cannot be better, kinder, more sensitive and considerate until we start doing better, more sensitive and considerate things.

Keep yourself in a calm, considerate and sensitive demeanor.

Trust that you’re not only making a living, you’re making a difference.