Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 6, 2013


It’s easy to overlook Distinctions. Go deeper and they become more obvious.

Working with change efforts, I’ve learned two major tenets over the years.

  1. Everything takes longer than we think.
  2. Everything takes more work than we think.

Drawing these differences can help you grasp what is in front of you and give you clarity on what needs to be in place to mobilize your efforts and enjoy success. Or in more practical terms….stack the deck.

Here are a few major distinctions to draw.

  • Simple vs Easy:
    Simple does not mean easy. Just because we understand the concept (simple) does not mean execution and creating results will be easy.
  • Commitment vs Strive:
    Commitment means you’re sure of your actions and no pressure or push is needed.Striving is pushing and adding pressure.
  • Learn vs Evolve:
    When we learn from a mistake it then becomes a lesson. When our situation has improved we have evolved.
  • Expert vs Model:
    An expert knows his/her topic. A model is exemplary and shows knowledge by doing.

Grasp these distinctions for your deeper growth.

Wisdom comes with age, any age. Tomorrow is good enough if you’re really paying attention.

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