Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 7, 2017 – There is no lack of opportunity

Seeing Opportunity

Remember, opportunities are always there. Seeing opportunity is another matter and that points to the challenge of conditions. The opportunities are there but are often clouded by conditions which are less inviting…it’s more like you have to create your own conditions and in doing so the opportunities present themselves…. You create the growth in a down economy, you, instill leadership where dysfunction prevails and you create sunshine when it’s cloudy and rainy. Conditions immediately improve with your thinking.

Conditions are rarely if ever ideal. I’ve seen it hundreds of times; people facing down almost unbearable conditions and triumphantly prevailing because they created the conditions for doing so.

A client/friend who became a certified professional trainer started out as overweight, undereducated, low energy prospect. No one was saying, here let me help you transform your life and create destiny. He did the work to create the conditions of the right mindset, enthusiasm and perseverance and now he enjoys the life-long rewards.

Follow the Hiker’s Creed: There are no bad conditions, no bad weather just inappropriate clothing.  

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