Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 14, 2015 – Today’s focus: Learning

Failure Means Learning

Today’s focus: Learning. In recognition of the 2015 Football Season, I want to highlight how failure means learning …..even success! We can look at how others move forward to win after experiencing a loss as a model for our own movement. A favorite figure for me to watch is the Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll.

Carroll’s career has been shaped by both mistakes and triumphs. He credits being fired by the NY Jets and NE Patriots, as lessons in not being defined by the past—look out the windshield not the rear view mirror.

Here’s some of Carroll’s philosophy on Failure Means Learning

  • Go ahead and get fired three or four times. You’re dangerous once you’ve been dead already
  • Winning and losing can affect you in similar ways by taking your focus off what’s really at hand
  • Try to focus on being the best right now, today and don’t let the noise and others’ comments distract you
  • It takes discipline to focus and make the most out of everyday. If we can do that, we can do anything

Carroll is known as the coach who has succeeded through failure but he is also shrewdly optimistic. When he made the call that cost Seattle’s Super Bowl XLIX loss, he admitted to crying afterward and the criticism he endured was nothing short of horrendous. Carroll move on quickly however saying the loss was his fault and it wasn’t the worst call but rather the worst outcome.

Carroll has learned to win and lose. He has an obvious higher view, not to just win in football but to win in life.