Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 15, 2014-Today’s focus: Motivation


Today’s focus: Motivation. There are two well-documented ways that we get the spark to change.

  1. The pain is so great that we must change.
  2. The payoff and reward is so great as to out weigh the effort to change.

The trouble here is the middle ground. The pain is tolerable and well, we can’t see the payoff. This is where the real work kicks in—being moved into action.

What It Means

  • You must know yourself and what you REALLY want.
  • You must develop your own milestones that you will recognize. Hints of results may not show themselves for some time.
  • You must be tenaciously committed.
  • You must not expect guarantees but rather build resiliency.

Don’t curse what is available exploit what is possible.

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