Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 16, 2013-Today’s focus,Decisions


Today’s focus,Decisions. The ultimate power of humans is our power to decide and Create Destiny!

Your Decisions Create Destiny

Consider a few decisions that shaped culture, changed history and created destiny:

  • The Beatles ignored the record producer who said, “Guitar music is on its way out.”
  • Michael Jordan ignored the coach who said he didn’t see any basketball talent in Michael.
  • Walt Disney didn’t listen when critics said he didn’t have any good ideas.

You have an idea, you want to try something but your boss or a “friend” says it’s a terrible idea. Who will you believe?

The former is a fixed reality of limits. You decide what the latter will be.

Are you winning daily by deciding to grow more valuable?

Are you enlarging your contribution?

Have you decided that life for you is radiating with possibility?

We are creating our tomorrow with today’s decisions.

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