Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 2, 2013-Today’s Focus, Reinvention


Labor Day ushers in a shift—the heat and play of summer fades and a cool, crisp autumn approaches. It’s a great time to explore. Ready to reinvent in this new season?

We are exploring all the time. We analyze stocks, watch the news and read labels in the grocery store. Food, taxes, mortgages, insurance, we explore to learn, understand and find the best; it’s worth the effort.

Reinvention is about exploring to find the best…the best in YOU. When you discover your best, you can then give the best.

Five Ideas to Support How You Reinvent

  1. YOU! Reinvention is all about you!Your most valuable asset is you; why not invest in this single most important asset, the one that can keep on giving—leading you to play bigger, become more valuable and enlarging your life?
  2. You will gain confidence and build decisiveness.Through the small steps and actions of reinvention (growing and evolving) you keep promises to yourself, which leads to the eye-opener, “I can do it,” after several I can do its, you discover your confidence has escalated! Self-doubt becomes a thing of the past.
  3. You bring an end to the status quo….The status quo and mundane will cease in the face of your reinvention. You will never run out of things to do, progressions to make and people to influence!
  4. You know what it is to live on purpose.Your life’s purpose will live through you because you choose where to place focus, energy, passion and action.
  5. You know that pace has little to do with progress.Reinvention is not about where you start out, it’s about where you end up.

Consider: Apple computers used to just make computers. Through reinvention they increased their value exponentially.