Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 24, 2018 – Process

In our last three Morning Memos, we discussed Presence—Self possession in real time, Why—the purpose for doing what we do and Fundamentals—foundational effectiveness. Process is implicit.

These articles are not ends in themselves. What is implied is this is a process!

Many people read my memos, blog articles and listen to my Podcast and email me in disappointment. They have been living their life for years following mass culture and societal norms. Then they read my ideas on how to improve, live more skillfully and peacefully and they expect instant illumination, instant transformation.

My reply is always the same. Be careful with converting your ideals into expectations. Remember, it’s a process. You must invest in yourself daily. Not look at it or read something when you are feeling down, in need or you just have time. Daily investment over the occasional view. That is what process means. That’s how it works.

What is the process? Well, it’s individual for everyone. Discovering what works for you is most powerful and effective. But in general terms, the process is like Mastery. You approach life as a creative act. You live life from a creative viewpoint not a reactive viewpoint. I’ve said it several times, create your life, don’t react to life.

Here is how investing daily can serve you

  • If you stay with it and invest daily, the process can continually expand your ability to create the results in life that you truly seek.
  • You will continually get better at clarifying what is most important to you. Most people don’t know what is important to them.
  • You will continually learn how to see reality more clearly. We all know people who are entangled with a counterproductive life. Mangers who escalate problems remain stuck and don’t know why. People ask others, what should I do?

Think about it. Your life is the ultimate creative act. Avoid shiny objects and distractions. Focus on the improvement, Kaizen, Mastery—it doesn’t matter what you call it it’s all a process.

Engage and invest. Do something everyday for lots and lots of days. That’s how it works. Success comes after the work. The real beauty is the process never ends. You continually get better, masterful even.

That’s not a promise. That’s a fact!

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