Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 3, 2018 – Fundamentals

fundamentalsOn this Labor Day 2018, let’s shift from healing to another much needed topic, continual learning, via the fundamentals.

Learning a new idea won’t make you a genius but focusing on deeply understanding the fundamentals can be transformational.

Most people find the details—the ones that make only a 2% difference, really appealing. They avoid the fundamentals. I hear it all the time. There’s not enough time or money. Or, it’s the slow economy, that’s why I can’t do my start-up. I think to myself, is that what is stopping you?  

I think people avoid the fundamentals because they don’t realize the impact they could have and it appears easier to say that you are working on a new strategy (diet), than it is to say, I’m focused intently on the basics even though progress is slow.

The facts about fundamentals:

  • If you have ever closely observed a house being built, you may have noticed that it doesn’t look like much is going on at first.  It takes a while to build a solid foundation that will support the entire structure.
  • Foundational work is not glamorous. It’s more fun to shop and compare Rickenbacker and Fender guitars than it is to commit to a practice regime.
  • Foundational questions are hard. Are the daily actions I’m taking moving me closer to my goals?

How to build intentional focus on the fundamentals:

  • We all stray off course. Remind yourself of the power of fundamentals. Vince Lomabardi believed that we never graduate past the basics. We build on them yes, but you never move past them. His fame as a winning football coach is built on mastering the fundamentals. Basketball coaches John Wooden and Phil Jackson had similar approaches and similar success.
  • Without the fundamentals the details are useless. With the fundamentals minuscule daily gains can add up to something extraordinary.
  • Application, Repetition and Reinforcement cannot be overstated. It’s like putting money in a piggy bank. The first few times don’t make much difference. But with repeated investing, you realize that you have created something significant.

For me personally, a long time ago I wrote extensively to my Self about the fundamentals—my purpose, principles, values and my vision. I’m still guided by the clarity of expression in that effort. That’s what keeps me going and on-track. Setbacks are minor in the face of a larger vision.

I recommend you become the best at what everybody else takes for granted or overlooks.

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