Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 4, 2017 – Conditioning

Conditioning Effect

Have you noticed life’s conditioning effect? Frustrations, disappointments and bad bosses pull us down. Happy hour is often not very happy but rather story sharing about the worst things that happen at work. Every story tries to top the negativity of the one before it. My boss is worse than your boss!

The trouble is when we chuckle and quietly adjust to the deluge of things that take the wind out of our sails on a daily basis; we are becoming conditioned in the wrong direction. We begin to think anxiety is acceptable, conflict is normal and personal stagnation is just part of the deal.

Wrong Direction Conditioning Effect

This kind of wrong direction conditioning grows hidden in plain sight under the guise of every day adult life. It’s not “normal” and it creates the wrong kind of momentum.

I implore you, don’t just believe what I’m saying blindly. Look around. Make your own observations and connect the dots for yourself. Nothing beats growth and learning through self-discovery.

If you look at my Morning Memos you’ll see the pattern that emerges is one designed to combat this complacency and encourage awareness, learning and growth, to cultivate conditioning in the right direction.

My efforts are intended to counterbalance negative, wrong direction conditioning. Yours should be too!