Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: September 8, 2014-Today’s focus: Resistance


Resistance is intangible opposition, internal and impersonal. We can’t see it but we feel it. Anytime we make an excuse, procrastinate and rationalize we fall victim to resistance.

That time you had a great idea then moments later thought again, “That’ll never work.” You were “resistancized.”

If you decide one day to just stay on the couch all day and do nothing, “pass the chips,” you wouldn’t notice opposition to action.

This force is mono-directional. It kicks in only when we want to create, innovate, begin an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Case in point: there is writers’ block but no Homer Simpson block.

Here are 3 ways to surmount the opposition:

  • Look to others for inspiration. Everyone experiences opposition. Some bulldoze through it, some go around it, some quietly brush it aside. All demonstrate courage for us.
  • Anti-resistance doesn’t require learning or lessons as much as it requires attitude. You simply cannot out perform your attitude.
  • Change—we can change our lives and reshape our destiny. Take action beginning right now. The time has never been better.

Few will muster the strength, will and tenacity to prevail over the opposition and lead something new, create, innovate and master……the door is wide open for you!