Three Things: Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneTwo friends, Sue and Jane moved out of their comfort zone and entered a weight loss journey vowing to each other that this time it would be different. They were doggedly determined to succeed. They would see to it that this time it works! They walked, exercised and shared recipes, meal plans and results.

When their initial weight loss tapered they wanted to stay with it and take their success to the next level. Well, what got you here won’t get you there right? They concluded that to get to the next level, more structure and support would be needed. They joined a weight loss program….even further out of their Comfort Zone.

After about a year, Jane quit while Sue is still at it today. I talked with both of them and unearthed what worked, what didn’t and how their decisions have shaped their future. Jane quit because she had had enough. She was uncomfortable the entire time. Even though she was losing weight, becoming physically fit and reaching defined goals, the feeling of “newness” never left. She liked her old life better.

Jane felt like she was an imposter—acting like a weight loss, fitness leader but never feeling comfortable enough to own it.

After losing 71 pounds, Sue is still actively working at weight loss, fitness and conditioning. She believes this is her newly defined life. Sue said, “This is the new me.” She has committed to the change as permanent. Sue could not have stayed with it when Jane left if it wasn’t for the weight loss program….The support.

I asked Sue what is so special about the program. She said, “The meetings are like a shot in the arm. I can’t lose my way very much if I attend meetings regularly. My people are always pulling me back on the path. They offer support, accountability, and new ideas, I hear others’ success stories and when I’m there, I feel like a success. I have met my weight loss goals. The only challenge left for me is to stay with it. ”

This is what my Twitter account is all about….Reminders that we need daily effort not the occasional view

This story could be applied to almost any change effort. We begin change with great excitement and will power. But excitement fades and will power alone is seldom enough to create a breakthrough.  If we stop we’re out of the game, it’s over.

To diminish the Comfort Zone syndrome and create a breakthrough, engage with a coach who has “been there,” add your will power, perseverance and dogged determination. Pepper that with support, accountability and tools that set you up for success and you have the ingredients. All that is left is action and commitment.

The same holds true in efforts toward a promotion, leadership development, career change, reinvention or transformation.

Here are three things to remember about Comfort Zone

  • The Challenges Side of Change usually comes from you—-will power, perseverance and determination.
  • The Support Side of Change comes from your coach or your peer group.
  • Harness these two sides of Change to your engagement and action and you become like Sue, unstoppable!


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