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News:Brian’s Thought Leadership Articles are about Achievement, Growth, Leadership and how people make an IMPACT.


Published articles are listed by Industry and Topic. Use the links below to read more….  

Special Announcement: Brian speaking on Stress in the Workplace at: NFMT in Baltimore. 


Energy Central Magazine: Increase Utility Leadership Impact

Energy Central Magazine: Stepping Up To Leadership

Energy Central Magazine: Four Ways to Combat Lukewarm, Mediocre, Good Enough Leadership 

Energy Central Magazine: An Organization’s Best Competitive Advantage

General Business

The Business Journal of Western Massachusetts: Leader Succession Planning

Article Weekly Magazine: Be the Difference We All Want to See in Leadership

Inside Business: The Hampton Roads Business Journal: Expert Column-Leadership

Inside Business: The Hampton Roads Business Journal: Managers Step Up to Leadership

Exchange Magazine: 7 Secrets to Increase Your Leadership Impact

Article Weekly Magazine: Managers Make the Shift to Leadership

Article Weekly Magazine: 4 Strategies to Combat Lukewarm Leadership



ISE (ICT Solutions & Education) Magazine: Leaders Make an Impact Within the ICT Arena

Virginia Engineer Magazine: Apply Your Technical Expertise to Your Leadership Role

Lab Manager: Management Tips for Scientists

Lab Manager: Run Your Lab Like A Business: Shift From Technical to Leadership

Lab Manager: Run Your Lab Like A Business: There is No Place for Mediocre in Science



Advisor Magazine-Insurance Investment Income: Grow Your Leadership Bench Strength

Minnesota Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association: Cutting Edge Magazine: 7 Secrets to Increase Your Leadership Impact

Investors Business Daily: Leadership Lessons From President Grover Cleveland

PR Newswire: Brian Braudis’s High Impact Leadership Book Released on Audible



International City/County Management Association: An Organization is Only as Strong as its Leadership


Maintenance/Facility Management/Construction/Project Management

Modern Steel Construction Magazine:  A Conscious Transition to Leadership Pg. 22

Construction Business Owner Magazine: Leadership’s Push Against Mediocre

Facility Executive Magazine: A Shift Upward to Leadership

Project Management Magazine: Strategic Leader Feature: Brian Braudis

Facility Maintenance Decisions Magazine: How to Manage Stress at Work


Best Practices/Improvement/Mastery

Canvas Magazine Culturally Speaking

Brush Strokes Podcast:Brian Braudis-Personal Mastery

The Washington Post: Make Self Doubt A Distant Memory

Customer Experience Report: Does Your Call Center Lack Emotional Intelligence?

Networking Times Magazine: How Managers Step Up and Become Leaders

Promotional Consultant Today: Everyone Has a Stake in Future Leaders

OTC Beauty Magazine. Increase Leadership Impact, Pg. 47 

Promotional Consultant Today: Mediocre Was So Yesterday



Golf Business Magazine Feature: Thought Leader Brian Braudis


Real Estate

Real Estate Magazine – CENTURY 21 North Shore: Get Beyond Lukewarm pg. 106-07


Training Industry

Training Industry Magazine: How Managers Transition to Leaders

Training Industry Magazine: A New Approach to Highly Effective Leadership

Training Industry Magazine: What the Best Mentors Do for a Robust Mentoring Program



HER Magazine: Interview Body Language Mistakes To Avoid 

Good Call Magazine: Brian & Warren Buffett’s Career Advice-Public Speaking 

HR Magazine: How Managers Transition to Leaders

HR Magazine: How Leaders Increase their Impact

HR LEAD Awards Excellence Essentials: Feature Brian Braudis-Leadership Impact

Good Call Magazine: Brian’s Advice for Young Leaders Building Communication Skills 

Employment Crossing: Brian Braudis’s Unique Career Advice

Good Call Magazine: Top 10 Skills Employers Want in College Grads  

SunTrust: Relocation Advice from Brian Braudis How to Rebuild Confidence After Being Out of Work

National Communications Association: Advice for Graduates

Good Call Georgetown Study: Comparing Bachelor and Master Degree Salary

Career Bliss: How to Be an Amazing Conversationalist

The Network Journal: How to Repair a Damaged Relationship with Your boss

HR LEAD Awards Excellence Essentials Feature: Brian Braudis,How to Combat Mediocrity

HR Magazine: Avoid the Dreaded Lukewarm Leadership



Executive/Entrepreneur/Senior Leadership

CommproBiz: How CEOs Can Win The War on Talent 

Chief Executive: Four Ways CEOs Stay Focused on Growth

A select Group of Entrepreneurs Talk Leader Qualities

CommproBiz: A Leaders Most Important Job



MotorWorld Magazine: Make Everyone a Leader The Right Commercial Vehicle is an Investment

Wards Auto: Manufacturing High Performance

Wards Auto: Pope Francis Elevates the Fiat Brand Equity in the U.S. 

Auto Laundry Magazine: Increase Leader Impact

Auto Laundry Magazine: A Clean Sweep From Manager to Leader


Small Business

American Express Small Business Forum: The Cost of Disengaged Employees

Staples Small Business Forum: What Hidden Horrors Lurk in Your Small Business

Home Business Magazine: Small Business Leader Impact

Small Biz America: A Conversation With Brian Braudis

Business Feature Brian Braudis 

Home Business Magazine: How Leaders Avoid Becoming Irrelevant