Now is The Best Time to Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent nowTypically when faced with unemployment some people will hide their head in the sand, never a good idea.  Some other people will work furiously until all hours of the night reading, searching Google for fixes to their situation. The problem is that more action for the sake of action is “spinning you wheels.” And if you’re running on empty already the actions and results you try to create from a place of emptiness will similarly be empty. Go  ahead reinvent now!

Today the entire world is intimately familiar with economic downturns. Think about it, you find yourself unemployed well right there, is freedom to reinvent and begin anew. You’re not a stand-out. This is more common now than ever.

Unemployment or underemployment is so common now you’ll fit right in. People will not think it’s odd that you are in this situation, trying something new, stretching, pushing the envelope. In fact, just the opposite is true they will probably encourage you and you could inspire them.

Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing someone who is out there pushing to be industrious!  That is what made America great in the past and it’s what continues to make us great! The economy is there—flat as it is but also freeing you, giving you permission to move, to create something, to start. 

You are unhampered to try things and make mistakes, come back again, try again until it happens for you. We have an opportunity to not merely reinvention as a reflex…”I’ll get a new job or I’ll change careers, I’ve always wanted to go to law school, become a teacher, etc.…………

When I think how I can reinvent now I always look down the road at sustainability. I ask what will sustain my enthusiasm, my 100% engagement and interest, a new job or a new goal? Sure! Maybe as a means to fill in a gap, a job but a new experience is exciting to consider. 

There is a larger, more purposeful opportunity here isn’t there? An opportunity larger than ourselves! An opportunity to enlarge our life and contribute in a larger way, to play bigger! Is reinvention about another job? I think not, it’s about living your dream! It may never get anymore forgiving or accepting out there than it is right now. I didn’t say easy but certainly possible. 

Don’t you love to savor and dream about what is possible for you?


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