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Personal AchievementIntroduction  

For you….a condensed one-page go-to tear sheet on Personal Achievement. An easy and quick reference. Print it, fold it up and carry it, put it on your dresser for daily review….Remember, daily effort is required not just an occasional view. Use this one pager to make a difference in your life.

OK, it may be more like two pages but it is distilled down to key points that matter most.

To find specific topics and go deeper, I recommend you review my Personal Mastery Category.

Personal Achievement Chapter 1.

What You Want To Achieve. You must know unequivocally, with the utmost clarity what you want. This is what you desire. The target you will lock your aim on moment-by-moment, daily, weekly, monthly. It’s easier to hit a target you can see. From this vantage take a look at where you are now and what’s holding you back from making what you desire a reality.

Document everything; spell out your desire, your plan, how you feel, the actions you take. Note what lights you up, what actions make you feel unstoppable and what deflates you. Use a fillable calendar or a journal (see below).

Chapter 2.

The Belief, Faith and Drive to Transform Your Desire into Physical Attainment. Achievement is not about wishing and hoping. You must know and strongly believe you are capable of bringing forth what you desire. Work daily to add to your belief, faith and drive to achieve. Don’t just counter balance negativity, overwhelm negativity by arming yourself against disappointments, setbacks and those who critique, criticize and downgrade you. Build a reserve!

Chapter 3.

Dominate Your Entire Being With Positive, Growth-Oriented Energy. Gain control over your old habits of thought.  Feed your mind with new thinking that aligns (see chapter 3) with your desire. The positive thoughts that you cultivate will lead to productive habits (action) that will propel you beyond the doubt and fear that hold you back.  Beware of deeply rooted myths about perceived limitations. Changing habits of thought includes self-talk.

Here’s the formula: Thoughts–>Words–>Action–>Habits–>Destiny!

Personal Achievement Chapter 4.

Create Alignment. Your daily thinking and acting must align with your desires, where you are going.   You can’t create achievement if in the back of your mind you doubt it will happen. You can’t talk defeat while expecting victory. As I wrote in my book, You simply cannot outperform your mindset.

  • Physical, put your shoulders back, lift your heels and go. Get in the best condition of your life.
  • Language, your self-talk, how you assess yourself must be productive.
  • Focus, where is your attention? Your thoughts give you direction, motivation and inspiration.

Chapter 5.

Rehearse. Visualize your achievement. Set aside a specific time everyday to mentally focus and program your brain. Use visualization and imagery to put yourself in your place of Personal Achievement. Feel it through all of your senses, on the deepest level. Experience the achievement throughout your Being, smell it, touch it and live the total experience.

Chapter 6.

Assess Your Place. This is the midway point and a good place to reflect on how well you know yourself. Can you readily recognize resonance, dissonance; moods or thoughts that may crop up and hinder your best efforts? Pay close attention to what is going on below the surface, what I call the roots of Mastery. Connect to your emotions. Notice the lightness and/or the nagging discomfort. Analyze how the feelings come and how they dissipate..what’s going on?

Personal Achievement Chapter 7.

Assess Your Actions. Revisit your desire. Now look at the calendar notes or the journal you’ve been keeping and determine if your actions are in the direction of your desire. If they are, you are well on your way. If you find your actions have betrayed your desire, course correct. Here is an example of an achievement calendar.

Chapter 8.

Rethink. To create significant change requires new thinking. Don’t rely on old thinking. The mind is designed as a servant. You are designed to be the master. Become the master of your thoughts. If you are not directing your thoughts then they are directing you. Make Personal Achievement yours!

Achievement is a mental effort. To get beyond the communal negativity and communal underachievement takes a mental shift to lead and not follow. New thinking brings new results. You will encounter resistance from all sides even from within yourself. Intercept the resistance, reframe your thinking and move forward. You simply must LEAD your life!

Chapter 9.

The Facts. People attempt change all the time. Sadly, only rarely are these attempts sustained. The fact is the discipline; motivation and mindset to change must be developed along with the change effort–grow as you go! People continually call on skills that don’t exist expecting triumph from diminutive effort. You must develop the ability to change, to persist, to endure, to remain positive in the face of criticism, defeat and challenge. Self-discipline is the hardest of hard work but it is Personal Achievement. Refer to Chapter 1-4.

Personal Achievement Chapter 10.

Celebrate. When you hit the mark, even a small mark. Recognize your success. Commend yourself. Relish the feeling. Look back and connect the dots—what it took to get there, what you endured, how you triumphed and how you will do it again and again! Internalize and own the fact that this milestone can be repeated. You can do this!

Personal Achievement Epilog:

When you feel better you perform better–faster, smarter and stronger. The only way to feel faster, smarter and stronger is to INVEST in yourself! Don’t spend time trying to fix problems. Invest in becoming better and the problems will dissolve. Put all your energy toward the person you want to be, building the life you want to live….That in itself is Personal Achievement.

Rather than think “the economy tanked, the system is broken,” SHIFT and work with what you have right now, right in front of you to become the person you have always wanted to be. Make the system work for you just as it is!

Do the things others won’t do and live a life others can’t.

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