The Personal Change Myth

Personal GrowthRather than berating yourself to change, why not reframe to Personal Growth?

There is a huge misconception around  personal change and Personal Growth.  I need to change myself. I’m not good enough at_________, I can’t do it, I need more training, I need ABC certification. 

Too many people wait to be “ready,” trained, certified or sanctioned by some body before they take action toward fulfilling their life purpose. I’m not talking about licensed to practice law, medicine, veterinary, etc……….

I’m talking about leading your life rather than following along with society. Following mass culture will keep you in the passenger, follower position; being driven rather than driving, being deck hand rather than the Captain, bumping along with the tide rather than creating it. Your stuck reacting to life rather than creating your life through thoughtful intention. 

You don’t need to change yourself to begin creating the life you want.

Heresy you say? Stay with me here. This is where it gets meaty.

Do Only One Thing: Shift from Change to Personal Growth

Not personal change but rather Personal Growth.  You only need to grow in one area to realize any quest you have, to bring to fruition any dream you have. You can make your desires reality through this one shift. 

Change your thinking and the rest of you will follow. Make and play by the rules you create. Be your own thought leader..

Thoughts turn into words, words give rise to emotions and emotions turn into physiology—your make-up, the functioning Self!

You may be thinking that shifting your thinking is a small thing, insignificant. But it is actually the biggest and most powerful change you can make. It literally will transform your life.

The Cleveland Clinic found that each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. That’s one thought per second, non-stop, all day. In addition, those thoughts are found to be completely repetitive–the same thoughts repeated everyday. On average 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative.   

Start. Don’t wait to be sanctioned or validated by some body else. Everyone else is enduring and managing the same 60,000 thoughts/day. 

Consider This For Foundational Personal Growth

So that means every minute of everyday your mind is filled up with some kind of self-talk, thinking, ruminating, pondering, brooding or worrying that is primarily negative and completely repetitive. How can you have a focused approach on change, becoming your best self or achievement if your mind is full of these thoughts? You only have so much energy. It’s time for a shift to continual Personal Growth.

When you begin noticing, bringing light to and redirecting your thinking world you begin working on developing, mastering your control center…your intelligence center; that creates the results and your experiences in all of life.

Personal Growth

The number one reason why people’s change efforts fail or just fizzle out is the undeveloped mind is unreliable, all over the map, subject to change and easily pulled off course. If you are not directing your thoughts, your thoughts are directing you. This is where the true saying the mind is a terrible master but an excellent servant originated from. Make your mind YOUR servant. Use your mind rather than allow it to use you. 

I hear the same thing from people all the time. They plead; I’m not where I want to be. When I ask where it is they would like to be, most retort, I don’t know, just not here, not where I am!

What I see most in working with hundreds of people is a lack of a focused, disciplined approach. People rely on the flow of life to get them where they want to go and it doesn’t work. They let life pull them along expecting something will pop up. Maybe, but typically “greatness” doesn’t just pop up. For most of us nothing pops up!

Distractions and uncertainty are rampant today. That’s why there has never been a more important time for you to develop your mind. It is so simple: change your thinking; redirect your thoughts and focus. But the simplest things can be the hardest.

Stop Pushing So Hard and Allow Personal Growth

This is the –>ONE WAY–> you transform your life.

Using your power to shift your thinking will enhance your response to any situation and give you the ability to reframe. Don’t say it’s hard, say it’s possible. Don’t say, I lack discipline. Say I’m getting stronger. Don’t say, I need to change. Say I’m excited about growing.

With new thinking you will have new  strength. You can implement Personal Growth. The resilience to bounce back from any setback and the ability to take on any endeavor are there when you expand your perspective. As a result, the situation will change, your experience will change. With this one step toward Personal Growth you will change your reality. 

Are you beginning to see? Yes, shifting your thinking and redirecting your thoughts is hard but once you do it, all the other required changes follow. Redirect your thinking and you can stop pushing so hard. Everything in life gets easier when you implement this one necessary strategy. The world around you is constantly growing. You need to grow to keep up.

Your thoughts are an energy force. When thoughts are directed in the right way they can ignite untold momentum.

You need  to shift one thing to enhance everything. Redirect your thinking is the one shift that will energize you, inspire you and align you with what is possible. It’s everything you need. 

To institute a shift in thinking and begin riding the escalator of life contact Brian- or see the Coaching Programs Brian offers. 

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