Personal Mastery A Deep Meaningful Life

Personal MasteryYou, like many others probably want more than to just be successful at work. You want Personal Mastery.

From talking to hundreds of people I’ve learned that just about everyone wants a deep, meaningful life with inner peace, acceptance, fulfillment and happiness. They want to contribute to something larger, have the wisdom to trust their own judgment and know they are on the right track creating their own destiny. 

You might be thinking Yeah right; there are too many problems in today’s world for me to have inner peace, acceptance, fulfillment and happiness. But that kind of thinking is a result of a conventional and conditioned existence.

The readily accepted way of living that mass culture offers is not a pathway to depth and meaning. Inner peace, fulfillment, happiness and wisdom are a result of a life on the path of continuous improvement by way of Personal Mastery.

Mastery implies long-term, profoundly effective but what’s in front of us, our quick-fix society is anti-mastery. We mistakenly follow mass culture and societal norms and rely on life’s flow to carry us. Trouble is, life’s flow won’t carry you upward.  

The Basics of Personal Mastery

How do you get what you want? It literally is as simple as supply and demand. The demand is what you want: achievement AND a deeper more fulfilling life. The supply is how you meet the demand; how you get what you want.

To meet the demand, begin delivering on a deeper, more fulfilling life through the journey of Personal Mastery. I have to warn you, beware…this is counterculture!

To Begin:

  • Develop. The undeveloped Self is unreliable, subject to change and all over the map. Develop the ability to consistently focus on what you want to create not what you fear.
  • Be open. To begin you will have to allow yourself to be a neophyte. Master-ability is the ability to be a beginner, make mistakes, get back up and try again. Condition yourself or be conditioned by life. This is the toughness of stoics.
  • Never quit. Go from disappointment to rejection without loss of enthusiasm.
  • Cultivate courage. Develop the courage not to get discouraged.

Life is The Ultimate Creative Act

On the path we improve our skill and competency and yet Personal Mastery goes beyond skill and competence. We grow in mind, body and spirit but Personal Mastery is beyond unfolding and the opening of Self.

Life is the ultimate creative act and the pursuit of Personal Mastery is the opening for you to create your life rather than react to life. There are two underlying strengths that you enjoy from the approach and discipline of Personal Mastery. See Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline.

  1. Continual clarity of what is important to you and what is next for you.
  2. Continual refinement of focus and seeing reality more clearly.

Personal Mastery-A Deep Meaningful Life


You are the Instrument of Your Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is the continual sharpening, refinement and honing of The Instrument.

It is a practice, a disciplined effort that progresses upward with each new level of proficiency. You are constantly shifting, growing and unfolding, meeting the demands and contributing in a world that is also constantly changing.

Thus, you bring a better you to each level of improvement and continually climb upward. 

How You Use Yourself as The Instrument is Critical:

  • Know the personal and professional impact of personal development.
  • Know your distinct purpose in life.
  • Work with rather than resist challenges and reality.
  • Deeply focus and apply unwavering commitment.
  • Use your creativity.

Those On The Path of Personal Mastery Are:

  • Strong but not rude.
  • Kind but not weak.
  • Bold but not a bully.
  • Humble but not timid.
  • Proud but not arrogant.
  • In control but not commanding.

Personal Mastery is not something you possess. It is more of a life-long discipline or practice. At your core you become stronger, more powerful and more resourceful. The skills you gain are “transferable skills,” therefore you are prepared for anything.  You relish life. 

Enjoy my Podcast on Personal Mastery recorded with Mark Potter, Publisher, Canvas Magazine. 

People with a high degree of Personal Mastery are aware of how much they still have to learn and yet they are firmly confident. They don’t conform to communal pressures or mass culture nor do they let critics, naysayers, or rejection influence their purpose.

Personal Mastery is not knowing how to do something, it’s consistently performing as required.

I hope you begin to institute a Personal Mastery plan and begin riding the escalator of life. 

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