Start With YOU Podcast Show Notes

Start With YOU Podcast Show Notes Here….

This is the link for the Start With YOU Podcast Show Notes…………………….

Start With YOU Podcast Show Notes

This is the link for the Start With YOU Podcast Show Notes.


As my thinking evolves and I continue to distill what is most important and most effective for developing the awareness that will surpass all academics, training and skill one can get, I share it here. 

Podcast Show Notes: Awareness

When you clearly see yourself exactly how you are now, the need for motivation will end. Change will flow naturally. You will no longer struggle with will power, discipline, or obeying some plan or “7-step” plan. 

But arriving at this awareness is arduous. You have to fully grasp who you are without filters, masks or illusion. 

For example, if you feel indignation when someone reacts to you or points out a fault, use your awareness to examine what is making you feel that way. Traverse your inner territory and investigate the thoughts that are making you feel anger.

This takes courage. You will discover some things. What are you attached to that is making you feel anger, threatened or insecure? These are bitter truths we learn about ourselves if we have the courage and stamina to look deeply within

Most people avoid inner exploration for fear of seeing what they don’t want to see. People don’t leave any room for stillness, contemplation or reflection. It’s easier to be stubborn, lock into your opinion, your position, shout, belittle and argue to the bitter end.      

This reduces you and everyone around you. You are following societal norms and diminishing humanity. Conflict and immorality wrongs both sides and humanity is subsequently pulled downward. 

With awareness you are more in touch and more authentic.

You have discernment. You know how to read people. You are less anxious and more comfortable with everyone you talk to.


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