Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 12, 2019 – Prepare Yourself

prepare yourselfWould you agree that the modern-day challenges that you face are deeply rooted and complex? So ideally your solutions, how you lead (yourself and others) would come from a place of depth that offers certainty rather than topical, veneer or surface techniques, right? That means you understand the need to prepare yourself.

You probably want your decisions and subsequent actions to be based on wisdom and certainty, not a veneer, quick fix or guesswork, right?

The answer here is not more knowledge, training, or more technique. Not more but deeper. We must build a solid foundation to draw on, a foundation that prepares you for anything and replenishes you rather than exhaust you and burn you out.

Visualize a lake on a stormy day. On the surface of the lake, weather conditions push the water every which way.  Waves and disturbance are visible but deep down the lake is calm and still, not affected, not subjected to external conditions. It’s the same for us. Deep down inside (our inner world) us all is a still and changeless core. The outside world has no effect.

Ideally, you are guided by your insights, awareness, and an uncommon depth of understanding. You are no longer subject to conditions……the whims of the world.

Societal quick-fix beliefs cause the burnout, exhaustion, and suffering that we mentioned earlier.

Consider how we chase after success expecting happiness: 

  • Success does not lead to happiness as is so readily assumed. Many successful people are unhappy.
  • Wealth does not lead to security. Many wealthy people and institutions are not secure.
  • Circumstances do not dictate experience. People argue and fight at parties, celebrations, on vacation; in some of the best circumstances.

Life is deeper and more meaningful than we recognize. When you really look from the depths within with a careful eye, you see the truth. When you prepare yourself, you realize:

  • Happiness leads to success.
  • Security in Self leads to wealth.
  • Thoughts create experience.

We all have a deep-down inner Self; also known as essence—the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality, without which you would not exist. Essence makes you who you are. The question is, do you have access to what is deep within?

Many people are unprepared and thus are continually “poked and provoked” by problems, burdens, misery. The generic term for what manifests is unhappiness.

We are like the unhappy beggar found sitting on a trunk pleading for money, food, anything to help. When a passer-by asked what was in the trunk, he was sitting on, he said, I never looked. There’s no point nothing is in there. The passer-by persisted, why don’t you look in the trunk? Upon opening the trunk, the beggar’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Deep inside the trunk were jewels, diamonds, and gold.

Pause (or stop) long enough to look deep inside. Prepare yourself for anything because anything can happen!